How do I create a survey?

With Crowdsignal you can create powerful surveys and share them anywhere you’d like to learn from your audience. New to Crowdsignal? Check out its many features here!

A survey allows you to ask multiple questions and offers many different question types, including name, email, multiple choice, and matrix/Likert, just to name a few.

Create a Survey

To get started, log in to your Crowdsignal dashboard.

Click on Create New and select Survey:

Give your survey a name. Note that when your survey’s URL is created, it will include the title you choose.


The Editor section is where you add questions and other elements to your survey. To add a survey element to your survey, drag it from the column on the left to the survey window on the right:

You can drag and drop questions into any position on the page.

Once you have added your questions, you can reorder them by clicking the ‘Reordering’ tab at top right, then dragging the questions into your chosen order:

Question Types

Crowdsignal offers the following question types for surveys. Each question type allows you to capture different data from your respondents:

Page Elements

The following page elements are shown in the question type toolbar, but do not capture any data:

  • Headline: Displays a heading to separate sections of a page. You can also use this element as a footer.
  • Text Paragraph: Displays one or more paragraphs of text, which can be formatted with basic Markdown.

When you’ve finished editing each survey element, click Save:

Survey Style

The Style section lets you select and preview a theme for your survey, or create your own custom theme.

Choose a theme from the options on the right, and click ‘Customize’ to select some basic options for the theme.

The Preview box will display your survey according to the selected options. You can also click the device icons to preview how the survey will display on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.

When you’re happy with the preview, click Save to save your style settings.

If you want to create your own custom survey style, check our guide here.

Survey Settings

The Settings section lets you configure how your survey works. You’ll see 5 tabs in the left sidebar of the Settings section: General, Survey Options, Start/Finish, Languages, Header/Footer. See Survey Settings and Options for full details.

Sharing your survey

A link to your survey can be found in the Share popup. On this page, you can also edit the link. That link is generated from the name of the survey you entered previously, but if you change the name the link does not automatically change. If the link changed, anyone who had the old link would not see the survey. They would see a “page not found” warning.

Editing your survey link is simple on the Share popup. This is what you see when you click the Share button.

The Share popup that appears when you click the “Share” button.

Click on the Edit link, and you can change the path or slug of the link. In the screenshot above, that is the text “customer-survey”. Press return when you’re finished editing and the link will be updated. Changing the survey link means the old one won’t work any more. It’s important not to edit the link if your survey has been widely shared.

Editing the survey link.

Crowdsignal offers many ways to share your survey on the Share popup:

  • Copy a direct link to share with others.
  • Post a link to it on Twitter.
  • Post a link to it on Facebook.
  • Embed it into a QR code and get a .png of the image to place in printed material.
  • Use a pop-up to encourage participants to complete the survey.
  • Embed the survey into in your website.
  • Embed it into an email message.

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