Survey data filters

Survey filters create a subset of results based on conditions that you specify. Here’s how easy it is to create a data filter. Login in to your Crowdsignal dashboard. Hover over the title of the survey for which you’d like to set up a filter and click View Results


Next, click on Data:


Next, click on Create a New Data Filter Now:

Next, give your filter a name, then select the question and answer by which you would like to filter your data. Here, from our Wedding RSVP survey, we want to know how many people answered “Yes” to the question, “Will you attend the wedding?”. Be sure to click on the blue, Save Filter button to create your filter:

Next, you’ll see your filter all set. Click on enable, to filter your data:

Next, click on View Results, in the upper right-hand corner to see your survey results filtered by your new data filter:


Here, we can see that when it comes to wedding attendees, two respondents said they will attend:

To remove the data filter from your results, click on the small “x” in the right-hand corner of the yellow filter bar.