Your Privacy

Crowdsignal users create polls, forms, surveys, quizzes and ratings to collect information from their customers, friends, family, website visitors and others.

We, and the Crowdsignal user, collect the IP, browser name, and information entered when a poll, form, survey, or quiz is submitted on a site. We only collect the rating data when a rating is submitted. Otherwise, we do not collect, retain, or share any data regarding a particular person or device (including IP addresses and user identifiers) on sites or apps not owned by Automattic/Crowdsignal.

Your privacy is critically important to us, so use of the Crowdsignal website is governed by the Automattic privacy policy and the Crowdsignal Terms & Conditions. Automattic is the parent company of Crowdsignal, along with other websites you may know such as Tumblr, and WooCommerce.

There is no advertising on the Crowdsignal website or on any of the embeds we offer.

We have a long-standing policy that we do not sell our users’ data. We aren’t a data broker, we don’t sell your personal information to data brokers, and we don’t sell your information to other companies that want to spam you with marketing emails.


Crowdsignal does not attempt to track individual website visitors except when it is required for the normal operation of the software and only when someone participates in a poll, form, survey or quiz.

Our users collect information when someone takes part in a poll, fills in a form or survey, answers a quiz or clicks on a rating. In order to enable specific features and functionality for Crowdsignal users, like spotting duplicate votes, or being able to analyze incoming responses, we provide Crowdsignal users access to online reports that include IP address, browser, approximate location (country/state if US) and referring website of a response. All this data is only visible to the Crowdsignal user. Crowdsignal users can download or sync these reports, but IP addresses will not be included.

Crowdsignal uses cookies to carry out specific functions so our software works the way it is supposed to. Cookies are small chunks of information set in the browser when a website is visited. For example, our surveys use a cookie that allows the survey taker to close their browser and later continue the survey in that browser.

How We Publish

Polls, forms, surveys and quizzes may be published in two ways:

  1. Embedded in another website alongside other content.
  2. Served directly from our servers by Automattic URLs (like or where the only item on the page is the poll, form, survey or quiz.

Ratings are always embedded in a website.


Polls, forms, surveys, quizzes or ratings are embedded when they are displayed on other websites. When the embed file is loaded by the browser, the server records the request including IP address and browser name in a server log file. These log files are rotated out of use and deleted after a set time. No analysis is done on the log files by Automattic or Crowdsignal.

If you did not interact with a poll, form, survey, quiz or rating by voting or submitting an answer to a question then we have no record of you in our database. Our users do not know you loaded a page because our embed was displayed on that page you visited.

  • Embedded polls do not set third party cookies that can be tracked. However, if sharing is enabled, Facebook or Twitter may set a cookie in your browser after a poll question is answered.
  • Embedded quizzes and surveys use third party cookies for functional reasons: 24 hour survey/form session, CAPTCHA and password protection. No tracking is done to identify you other than for those features.
  • Ratings do not set third party cookies that can be tracked.

Direct via Automattic Websites

Polls, forms, surveys and quizzes use first and third party functional cookies when loaded directly for the following:

  2. Password Protection.
  3. Only vote once.

No tracking of users is done beyond what those features require.