Multiple choice

The multiple choice question type is a very useful question type that allows you to ask your audience for an answer from a restricted set of choices.

You can enter answer options into the Visual Editor or the Plain Editor. The Plain Editor is especially useful if you’d like to copy and paste your answer options into the question:

As well as editing the text, you can also drag-and-drop the anchor icon to move the answer up and down if you’re in Visual Editor mode. If you wish to add a new answer, click on the Add New Option button. If you wish to delete an answer, simply delete the text—empty answers will be removed.

Multiple choice options

Include a note – Checking this will allow you to enter a note that will appear under your question.

Question is mandatory – Checking this will make the question mandatory, meaning that it must be answered before the survey can be completed.

Include “other” option – Checking this option will include a free text box at the end of the question, allowing your audience to enter an “other” answer.

Include use comments – Click on comments to ask participants to give you more information about why they chose a particular option.

Choice Type – Use this dropdown to change how the multiple choice question is presented to the survey participant. There are four types to choose from: Choose one (radio), Choose one (list), Choose many (check), and Choose many (list). You can see a sample of how each of these types appears within your survey below.

Order Choices – Click on the answer order dropdown to change the order in which the answers are shown. You can choose A-Z, Z-A, random, and as entered which is the order you’ve entered the answer options into the question.

Note that you can add media to any question or answer option on the multiple choice question type.

Not all the options above are available in quizzes.

Multiple choice sample questions

Radio buttons:

This type allows one answer to be selected, with all answers shown.

Choose one (list):

This allows one answer to be selected, with the answers shown in a dropdown list.

Choose many (checkbox):

This allows any number of answers to be selected, with all answers shown.

Choose many (list):

This allows any number of answers to be selected, with answers shown in a list (multiple answers can be selected by shift-clicking)