The Rank question type allows participants to order their choices by clicking and dragging answer options into their desired order.


The Rank question offers the following options:

Include a note – Checking this will allow you to enter a note that will appear under your question.

Question is mandatory – Checking this will make the question mandatory, meaning that it must be answered before the survey can be completed.

Order Choices – Click on the answer order dropdown to change the order in which the answers are shown. You can choose A-Z, Z-A, random, and as entered which is the order you’ve entered the answer options into the question.

Note that you can add media to any question or answer option on the rank question type.

Click and drag to reorder the options

Here’s how the ranking question appears in the survey. Note that participants simply click on each answer option and drag it into the order they prefer:

Note: For mobile site, you’ll see boxes to enter the rank instead of the drag/drop functionality.