The number question type has several settings to fine-tune your question and gather the data you want. To add a number question type to your survey, click on the number button, or click on the number button and drag it into the position you want the question to appear within the survey.

You can set a minimum and maximum value for the number, allowing custom ranges. If you use a minimum value greater than zero you should set the default value of the answer to that minimum or greater. Otherwise, the respondent will get an error telling them to answer the question correctly when they submit the survey.
In the example below we want to allow participants to tell us how many dogs they have. The range we have set up is to allow numbers between 0 and 5:

This is how the question will appear in the survey:

Note: If you change the minimum or maximum values after you have already received responses, any values outside of that range will be treated as if they were skipped, however they will not be deleted.

Using a slider

Enabling the slider setting gives you a useful alternative to a text box. To enable it, check the Use slider box on the right side of the question in the survey editor.

This is how the number question type will look in your survey if you select the slider option:

Other options

Marking mandatory

When you mark a question mandatory, it means that the participant must answer the question to continue through to the end of the survey. To mark a question as mandatory, check the Question is mandatory box on the right side of the question in the survey editor.

Adding notes

If you like, you can add a note to your number input. This allows you to add a sentence or two of clarification for the user to help them understand how you’d like them to answer the question. Simply check the Include a note box on the right side of the question in the survey editor.


To allow up to five decimal places in the answer, select the number of decimal places you wish to allow by using the Number format dropdown.


You can also choose to add a label to your number input, which is a great way to specify currency. You can add the label before or after the number input by making your selection from the Labeling dropdown.