Navigating survey reports

There are various ways to access the data you collect in your surveys and they can all be found from the survey dashboard. To see how respondents answered your survey questions, hover over the title of your survey in your dashboard and click View Results:


You’ll be taken to a summary report showing the results for your survey:

Locations report

To learn where in the world your respondents are located, click on Locations:


You’ll see a world map. Your respondents’ countries are highlighted in green. Darker greens indicate higher numbers of respondents from these countries:

Participants report

To see each individual response for your survey, click on Participants:


You’ll see a list of your survey participants:

To see how the individual answered your survey questions, click on the View Response link on the far right side of the participant box:

Devices report

To see the types of operating systems and devices that your participants used to create the survey: click on Devices:


Data report

To create Data Filters for your survey, click on Data:


You’ll see a list of your data filters. If you haven’t yet created any, here’s how to set up data filters.