File upload

The file upload type allows your participants to upload a file which you can review at a later date.  Image and audio file types can be uploaded.  We currently support: jpg/jpeg, gif, png, mp3, m4a, and ogg file types.

File uploads to surveys are restricted by file size, based on what type of account the survey owner has.

  • Free accounts: 1MB
  • Premium and business (and legacy Pro) accounts: 5MB
  • Team (and legacy Corporate/Enterprise): 10MB

Uploaded files are only accessible by account holders; Crowdsignal is not responsible for the contents of any uploaded file.


Include a note – Checking this will allow you to enter a note that will appear under your question.

Question is mandatory – Checking this will make the question mandatory and a file must be uploaded before the survey will complete.

File upload sample

This is how the File upload question type will look to your respondents:

For people still using the iOS app (currently no longer available) please note that file upload field is not supported. You will instead see a drawing screen. This has been reported before.

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