How do I create a custom survey style?

If the default Crowdsignal survey styles don’t meet your fancy, with our Business and Team plans, you can create custom styles and apply them to your surveys. To create and manage your styles, edit or create a new survey and click on the Survey Style tab while editing the survey:


You’ll see a page showing the default Crowdsignal styles and a custom section. Click on the “Create New” button in the custom style section.


The custom style editor will now load and look something like this:


Remember to enter a name to save the style. The next time you click on the “Survey Style” link in the tabs you’ll immediately see the css editor.

You have full control over the CSS. If you wish to place a logo on your survey then you can make use of a background image. Full details about the HTML and CSS used on survey pages can be found in our custom survey CSS guide. Once you’ve edited the CSS as you see fit, save your style, by clicking on the Save Style Settings button:


Once the style is saved, reload your survey and you’ll see any changes made. To choose a different style or preview your current one click “Cancel” at the end of the css style editor.

You can also select a new custom theme from the dropdown in the custom style section on the main Survey Style page. After saving a custom style, the “Create New” button changes to “Edit Style” and you can edit that custom style rather than create a new one.