Reordering survey questions

You can reorder questions, pages, and even move questions between pages using the reordering feature.


Reordering Questions

From the Question Editor tab of any survey with at least two questions or two pages, click Reordering.


You will then see all pages and all questions within those pages:

You can move a question by dragging the question using the drag icon.

 You can also drag a question from one page to another.


Reordering Pages

Similar to moving questions, drag a page using the drag icon. All of the questions will display inside the page to make it easier to see what you are moving.  All questions within a page are moved when the page is reordered.

Random Question Ordering

You can randomize the order in which questions appear by enabling the Randomize Questions checkbox.



IMPORTANT: Moving a page will change your question numbering. If you have any survey branching rules, you may need to update those as well.