Conditional question branching/question forking

With conditional branching, you can set a path through your survey that is relative to answers given for each or certain questions. For example, you may want to skip a page of questions that are not relevant or move directly to a particular question based on a response.

  • You must have at least two pages in your survey for branching to work.
  • You cannot add branching to the last page of your survey.
  • A question can have multiple rules, which will be performed in order. Please note that it is not currently possible to create a scenario where, say, if a user selects both of two options, they have to complete both page A and page B.
  • You should only implement this feature on existing surveys that have fully prepared questions. If you choose to add questions at a later date, you will have to edit your branching rules.

Branching Rules

Conditional branching involves adding “rules” to your survey. These rules direct the flow of the survey based on the answer to each question. You can add rules to as many questions as you’d like. Rules involve a series of conditions and actions:

Multiple choice questions have additional conditions:

A rule consists of a condition (the thing you are testing), followed by an action (what happens if the condition is met).

The available conditions are:

  • Answers this question – triggered by any response
  • Does not answer this question – triggered when no response is given
  • Chooses (multiple-choice only) – triggered when a specific choice is given
  • Does not choose (multiple-choice only) – triggered when a specific choice is not chosen

The available actions are:

  • Jump to page – jump directly to the chosen page
  • Skip page – skips the chosen page further on in the survey (i.e. if you are on page 2 and a rule has “skip page 5” then pages 3 and 4 will be displayed, page 5 skipped, and then page 6 displayed)
  • Force survey finish – causes the survey to immediately finish

To set up branching:

  1. Start in the Surveys view of the dashboard.
  2. Hover over the title of your survey and click Edit Survey:
  3. On the edit survey page, select the Question Editor tab.
  4. Click Branching.
  5. You’ll see each page listed with the questions that appear on each page. Click New Rule to set up branching for the corresponding question:
  6. Select the logic on which to branch your question. In this example, if our participant selects 11-15 years for this question, the survey will automatically go to page two:
  7. If the new rule is set up as you wish, click on Done.

Editing / Deleting rules

To edit or delete a rule:

  1. Navigate to the question with the rule that you’d like to edit.
  2. Click Edit x Rule(s).
  3. To modify the rule, click Edit. To delete the rule, click Delete.