Navigating poll reports

There are various ways to access the data you collect in your polls and they can all be found from the dashboard. Free users can only see a summary report but Pro and Corporate users can access much more.

To see how respondents answered your poll, hover over the title of your poll in your dashboard and click View Results:

Poll Results

Or when editing a poll, click on View Results:

View Poll Results

You’ll be taken to a summary report showing the results of your poll:

Pro, Corporate users can filter voting data by location.

Those accounts may also export their data to a variety of formats.

Individual votes (PRO)

To see each individual response to your poll, click on Individual Votes:

You’ll see a list of your poll voters:

Individual votes can be removed on this page. Hover over the vote and a Remove button will appear. You will have to confirm the action when you delete the vote.

Voter Emails (PRO)

Polls where email address whitelisting is enabled will have an extra report titled, “Voter Emails”. This page lists the email addresses of voters who took part in the poll, along with their their confirmation status. By default it will be “Unconfirmed” but it will change to “Confirmed” when the link emailed to the poll voter is clicked. The poll owner can manually confirm the vote by clicking the Confirm button next to each unconfirmed vote.

Analysis of voter IP addresses (PRO)

To see the IP addresses of poll voters click on IP Analysis:

You’ll see a list of IP addresses and the number of votes that were made from each.

Click on any IP address on this page or on the Individual votes page for more information about that IP address:

Hover over an IP address row and a menu will appear allowing the user to lookup, remove or blacklist the IP address.

When an IP address is blacklisted the votes from that IP are deleted and new votes from that IP are ignored. A new Blacklist menu item appears next to the Print and Export buttons. This allows you to list blacklisted IP addresses.

Removing the IP address from the blacklist will allow voting from that IP again but will not restore the deleted votes from that address.

Locations report (PRO)

To learn where in the world your respondents are located, click on Location:

You’ll see a world map. Your respondents’ countries are highlighted in green. Darker greens indicate higher numbers of respondents from these countries: