The rating results popup

The rating widget has a handy information icon:

When clicked, a popup appears. It shows the results for the rating widget. You can see results for all time, today, this week, and this month:

Disabling the results popup

The results popup is enabled by default. If you’re embedding the widget using the JavaScript embedding option, you can turn off the popup by adding

"popup" : "off"

to the JavaScript code that is generated for you:

<div id="pd_rating_holder_3804527"></div>
<script type="text/javascript">
PDRTJS_settings_3804527 = {
	"id" : "3804527",
	"unique_id" : "default",
	"title" : "",
    "permalink" : "",
    "popup" : "off"

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

In the ratings editor, uncheck Results popup option to disable the pop-up.

When it’s disabled, the popup information icon (the tiny letter “i”) behaves differently, based on the type of Crowdsignal account you have:

  • if you have a free account, the information icon still appears, and will display a link to Crowdsignal when clicked.
  • if you have a Pro or Corporate account, the information icon will not be displayed.

Customize results popup text

In the ratings editor, you can customize the text used in the results popup. This means you can localize the text to match your site or wherever you have embedded the rating. To customize the text, click on Text under Edit Styles:

Once you customize the text as you see fit, be sure to click on the blue, Save Ratings Widget button for your changes to take effect: