Single Question Per Page Mode – make your surveys effortless

When you create a new survey on Crowdsignal, you can choose between two basic options to present your survey: the multiple questions per page mode and the single question per page mode.

Having multiple questions on one page sometimes can be efficient or important for the structure of a survey, but this comes with a big downside: It can feel overwhelming! A long list of questions on a never-ending page feels daunting.

In contrast, our single question per page survey presents just one question at a time, offering a much simpler experience.

Why is this useful?

Going through a survey that presents questions one at a time feels a bit like flipping through a slideshow. It feels less overwhelming. You can focus on one question at a time with no distractions, and move forward one page with every answered question. Every click feels like progress is being made and in some way satisfying.

The single question mode is especially useful if you want to embed your survey inside a page. Similar to an embedded video, the survey occupies just a small window on your page. And even if your survey is long, it won’t break the content structure of your page. Readers that may not be interested in the survey also don’t need to scroll endlessly to skip to the next section of your page.

This is what an embedded survey looks like in WordPress:

Let’s build it:

Create a single question per page survey and embed it into your website in just four simple steps:


Create a new survey, and choose Single in the top left of the survey editor, which activates the single question per page mode.

Then add as many questions or form blocks as you wish.


Go to the Style tab and select a survey theme. Then, click on Options, where you can  customize the page transition animation and enable the progress indicator.


Now we are ready to embed the survey. Click on the Share button, then choose the Embed tab in the popup window.

You can embed a survey into your site in several different ways. If you have a WordPress site, simply copy the shortcode under the WordPress section into your clipboard and switch over to your site’s WordPress editor.


In your WordPress editor, open up the page, post, or area on your site where you want to embed the survey, and paste the shortcode. Preview or publish it and your embedded survey will appear. 

That’s it! Now it’s your turn. Give it a try!

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