It’s Time to Vote! Introducing the Voting Block in Your WordPress Editor

It’s Time to Vote! Introducing the Voting Block in Your WordPress Editor:

There is already a “like” button at the end of a WordPress post that you can click to express satisfaction or agreement. But what if you want to ask readers their opinion on a subject in the middle of a post? Or what if you want to present several ideas and find out which one is the most popular? Wouldn’t it be great to ask readers what they think without having to leave the editor or switch to another service or plugin?

That’s what we thought! Say hello to our new Voting Block:

It’s a simple block that adds two voting buttons—thumbs up, thumbs down—to your post wherever you want to place them. And if you only care about upvotes, that’s fine;  removing the “thumbs down” button is easy. 

Customize the block in different sizes and colors, with or without a border, and with or without a visible vote counter. Put several in a single post, next to different ideas, to see how they stack up for readers. Make the block your own.

Which Gutenberg Block should we build next?

An Applause Block

A Rating Block

A Net Promoter Score Block

After your audience has voted, as with every Crowdsignal block, you can analyze the vote metadata in our comprehensive reports. Where did the votes come from geographically? When did people vote? You can filter results by country or do a deep-dive analysis by IP address. You’ll find all the data you need in the results section of Crowdsignal.

What do you think about the new Voting Block? 

PS:  If you have the privilege, don’t forget to vote, whenever and wherever you can.

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