Customizing survey sharing on Facebook


Up until now, when you shared a survey on Facebook, Facebook automatically took the title, description, and image from the survey’s settings. There was no way to tailor how your survey appeared.

With the new Facebook Sharing Details form, you can customize these options! Add branded touches, optimize your title for maximum Facebook attention, test different images — it’s all possible now.

To find the Facebook Sharing Details form, head to the “Collect Responses” section of your survey. You’ll find the sharing options right above the Facebook “Share” icon:

For more information about how it works, take a look at the support page, and don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!

6 thoughts on “Customizing survey sharing on Facebook

    1. Hi Radina, this is not possible as Facebook does not allow that. You can share survey links on Facebook, and your responders will visit the links to finish the surveys.

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