We’re Making Some Changes Around Here


Creating an online survey should be a delightful experience, so we’ll be making some small but important changes to the Crowdsignal site in the coming weeks. Most of these changes will be visual updates only; we won’t be removing any features! Here’re some of the things to look out for:

  • Navigation Changes: You’ll notice some menu items moving around, or located in a drop-down menu — we’re cleaning up the user interface, because clutter is not delightful.
  • Sharing Screen: We’ll be refining the sharing screen so it’s easier to find, and restructuring the layout of the screen a bit to simplify sharing your content. Simplicity is delightful!
  • Editor Updates: The survey editor will receive some minor UI updates to streamline the interface. Easier editing is definitely delightful.

Thanks for your patience as we make these updates! If you have any feedback or need assistance, please feel free to contact us.

– The Crowdsignal Team

11 thoughts on “We’re Making Some Changes Around Here

    1. Hi there! The Style picker is no longer available, but we plan to update and re-deploy it at a future date. We don’t have a timeline for that to be completed right now, though. Any surveys and quizzes that have one of these styles will maintain it, as long as the style is not updated from the Style page. Color customization and CSS styling is still available.

  1. Is the Style picker available in the paid version? Why would you remove this feature, which worked perfectly and provided important options. Some of my surveys don’t even resolve correctly in the default style. They look awful!

      1. Thank you, Dan. I’ve figured out a workaround, which is to make a duplicate of one of our existing questionnaires and just modify it. My most favorite feature of Polldaddy was the variety of styles available, including the Notebook (I think it was called), and others that I could just scroll through and see how they looked. I’m not understanding why you would eliminate those when they worked great. I still appreciate the service and will continue to use my workaround to access the styles I want. I just wish it were easier.

  2. Hi, we just noticed a major change in uploaded images dimensions in our surveys, which was not announced. Now the images are far to big for the use in question pages in our surveys. Can it be undone? Tx. Hans

    1. Hi there, thanks for bringing this up. Yes, we’ve deployed changes to how media is shown on surveys and quizzes. The new layout fits images on a 10:6 aspect ratio to preserve visual hierarchy as follows:
      – Main question media: 400 pixels width by 240 pixels height
      – Options media: 150 pixels width by 90 pixels height

      We believe these changes make for a more visually comfortable layout on our surveys and quizzes.

      Even so, the media sizing restriction can be modified by custom styling the CSS classes involved. A new support page is on its way to explain these changes and how to use custom styles to control it.

      While we don’t plan to undo this, we might be deploying improvements to the layout to address the new size restriction.
      We apologize for the inconveniences.

  3. Tx for swift response.
    Your suggestion: “We believe these changes make for a more visually comfortable layout on our surveys and quizzes” is quite the contrary in this case.

    We use one page in our surveys for choosing a person to be evaluated in the questionaire, out of a list of portraits in diameter fitting like avatars above the names. This is the core of our business.

    The resolution is limited to create a good picture in small appearance as upload time is also very limited. Now all our surveys had many pages in operation with portrait lay out of 4 high to 3 cm in width.

    Please undo the change as our business is seriously hampered. There must be some kind of back up of our surveys in your back up system to do this.
    We would appreciate if this can be picked up by our request to do so at your earliest convience.
    Even so: we expect CS to make an anouncement about these major changes as we built an advanced automized online standard routine for our surveys specialized around people evaluation.


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