We’re Making Some Changes Around Here


Creating an online survey should be a delightful experience, so we’ll be making some small but important changes to the Crowdsignal site in the coming weeks. Most of these changes will be visual updates only; we won’t be removing any features! Here’re some of the things to look out for:

  • Navigation Changes: You’ll notice some menu items moving around, or located in a drop-down menu — we’re cleaning up the user interface, because clutter is not delightful.
  • Sharing Screen: We’ll be refining the sharing screen so it’s easier to find, and restructuring the layout of the screen a bit to simplify sharing your content. Simplicity is delightful!
  • Editor Updates: The survey editor will receive some minor UI updates to streamline the interface. Easier editing is definitely delightful.

Thanks for your patience as we make these updates! If you have any feedback or need assistance, please feel free to contact us.

– The Crowdsignal Team

5 thoughts on “We’re Making Some Changes Around Here

    1. Hi there! The Style picker is no longer available, but we plan to update and re-deploy it at a future date. We don’t have a timeline for that to be completed right now, though. Any surveys and quizzes that have one of these styles will maintain it, as long as the style is not updated from the Style page. Color customization and CSS styling is still available.

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