Polldaddy is now Crowdsignal


You might have noticed things look a little different around here. Polldaddy is no more—long live Crowdsignal!

We’ve got a lot planned for Crowdsignal. This visual refresh is just the beginning. As we move forward, we’ll be scrutinizing our tools and features. Your feedback is valuable to us—so please let us know if there are new features you’d like to see, or existing features that we could level up. It’s not just a name switch, we’re committed to making Crowdsignal better than Polldaddy in every way!

If you’re an experienced Polldaddy user, you should see some small visual  tweaks to your dashboard so that it fits with our snazzy new look. If you’re new to Crowdsignal, welcome! Here are just a few of the great features you’ll get with your new plan (btw, it’s totally free to start, if you just want to go ahead and start making surveys):

Unlimited surveys

Make as many polls, surveys and quizzes as you want, all on a custom yourname.crowdsignal.com domain.

Drag-and-drop questions

Adjust your surveys on the fly and rearrange quizzes for optimal engagement with easy drag-and-drop questions.

Custom design

Choose from 15 pre-set visual themes, or use your CSS skills to customize the look of your surveys. You can change the font, size, color, add HTML, images and video.

Full WordPress integration

Crowdsignal’s an Automattic company, which means integration with WordPress is a cinch. Embed surveys on your website in seconds!

This barely scratches the surface of what you’ll get and what you can do. All the great Polldaddy features are now even better Crowdsignal features!

Create your free plan now and start asking questions.

With every survey comes data, and we’ll get it to you in whatever way you need it.

Your Crowdsignal dashboard is your home base for all your surveys, polls, questions and quizzes. It’s also how you’ll get to your data. Pro and corporate plans get powerful reporting tools offering real-time results, text analysis, comprehensive reports and more. Get the data you need to come to the right conclusions with your Crowdsignal plan.

Crowdsignal surveys go anywhere

Get immediate feedback with the Crowdsignal for iOS app. Ditch paper forms with the iPad and iPhone app. Upload data seamlessly to your Crowdsignal plan. It’s perfect for trade shows, street surveys, and on-the-spot data collection.

How to start making surveys

Ready to get started? If you had any Polldaddy plan, great news, you’ve already got a Crowdsignals plan. For newbies, you can sign up for a free plan to start making surveys, polls and quizzes right away. If you want more flexibility, customization, and data, step up to an affordable corporate or pro plan. Jump in now, make as many as you want, and start reading your crowd’s signals.

We have prepared an FAQ where you will find answers to questions you may have, but please contact us if you have any further questions.

18 thoughts on “Polldaddy is now Crowdsignal

  1. If I opt for a free plan, is there going to be any limitations on the life of my poll after a certain number of poll counts or impression? Please reply.

  2. How to get access to edit quizzes created on Polldaddy !? When you log in with WordPress.com to your old-new account on the Сrowdsignal My Content folder is empty.

  3. Hi! I need to add more users to my corporate account and I cant do it. In Polldaddy it was easy since there was a Users tab, could you please help me!

    1. Debra,

      You bring up a good point. We don’t outline the features and limits explicitly for the free plan. I’ll bring this up to our developers and see if we can add more info about it.

      Thanks! 🙂

    2. i see 6ore problems then before & nov 2018 thats recent and you expect me to respond in 2 days hipocrit much

  4. You are the hardest people to email – your “contact support” page goes through loops. Polldaddy was great, I’m hoping CrowdSignal is even better. I am looking to purchase over 10 accounts for my workplace. Can you guys provide me with a quote?

  5. Hi there.
    It seems I am not the only one faced with difficulties according to the change?
    My problem starts at the very beginning… in case I log in with my old data I do not see anything (on the menu page) that leads me towards putting up a poll or survey.
    In case someone from Crowdsignal answers to this question, please do not copy and paste “Please contact us here for support…” and answer right away. Thank you very much.

    1. Hi there. Blog comments are not an appropriate avenue for technical support, so I’m going to have to request that you get in touch with us via email through our contact form: https://crowdsignal.com/contact/ – Please send screenshots showing the issue you’re having, so that we can check your account and advise further. Thank you!

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