Introducing Crowdsignal


We are very excited to announce that Polldaddy will be changing its name to Crowdsignal on October 22nd.

The new website is everything you’ve always loved about and will feature a slightly updated design. Aside from minor color and graphics updates, your dashboard will remain unchanged, and your editing tools for polls, surveys, quizzes, and ratings will remain the same as well. The new website will go live on Monday.

Crowdsignal is owned by Automattic, just like Polldaddy, so you will continue to log in to the site through This also means that the same terms, conditions, and privacy policy that governed Polldaddy will apply to Crowdsignal.

If you have bookmarked links for editing surveys, quizzes, polls or ratings on they will redirect automatically to the same page on the website. We want this transition to go as smoothly as possible for you so on Monday you will be able to try out for yourself to get used to the new site. You will still be able to use as before. However, from Wednesday on, visitors will be redirected to the site.

There are, however, some changes to note. The API address will change, and direct links to polls and surveys will be different but old URLs will continue to work indefinitely.

If you are on a network behind a firewall you may need to whitelist the hostnames we have listed below. Contact your network administrator before October 22 to prevent interruptions to your account.


If your website has a firewall that blocks outgoing connections you may need to whitelist so that embedding polls and surveys in WordPress posts works correctly. The Polldaddy/Crowdsignal WordPress plugin also communicates with this server.

Embedded surveys, quizzes, polls and ratings will continue to be served from the domain.

We have prepared a short FAQ where you will find answers to questions you may have, but please contact us if you have any further questions.

10 thoughts on “Introducing Crowdsignal

  1. Terrible cutover from a long-standing customer’s perspective. First the code to embed surveys stopped working. This caused us a big problem because we pushed a survey to our LARGEST client’s VIP CUSTOMERS and the survey DID NOT WORK. No notification from Crowd Source that there was a problem. NOW… the PRINT PDF function does NOT work. That’s now two strikes in the same week.

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