Poll Whitelisting Available to Pro and Corporate Customers

New at Polldaddy, we’ve implemented Poll Whitelisting for Pro and Corporate Customers to bypass the rate limit on polls with unrestricted voting. Pro customers can whitelist two polls at any given time and Corporate Customers can whitelist up to ten polls. Here’s a bit more information on how to whitelist your polls.

Rate limiting prevents poll fraud

Did you know that as a voting security precaution, all polls (including polls with unrestricted voting) are rate limited by IP address? Rate limiting means that there’s a threshold on the number of votes a poll can receive from any given IP address within a set period of time.

Sometimes, on very popular polls, a large number of votes coming in at the same time from a single internet address, (such as a university or large offices) can trip this fraud-prevention security feature. A “cooling off” period goes into effect, preventing additional votes from the IP address for a period of time. Users who attempt to vote during this period will receive an error message stating that too many votes have been received for the poll.

Remove rate limiting by whitelisting your polls

We’ve implemented a new feature that allows Pro and Corporate customers to avoid accidentally tripping the “cooling off” feature with whitelisting.

Let’s walk through how to whitelist a poll.

Whitelisting a poll

To whitelist a poll, click on the “Design Poll” link:


You’ll see a “whitelist poll” checkbox under the poll name:


Once you click the checkbox, remember to click on the “Save Settings” button at the bottom of the page for the whitelisting change to take effect on the poll.


Managing your whitelisted polls

You can see all your whitelisted polls by clicking on the “Whitelist” link in the Polldaddy header:


Behold! A list of all your whitelisted polls:


Here you can click the “Edit Poll” link to edit it or click the “Delete from Whitelist” link to remove it from the whitelist:


If you have any questions about Poll Whitelisting or would like to get some help working with Polldaddy, give us a shout in support. We’re happy to help!

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