Delete or Include Incomplete Survey Responses as You See Fit

Today, we’re happy to announce an improvement to surveys and quizzes that gives you more control over your survey reports. Now, you can choose to include or delete incomplete survey and quiz responses as you see fit.

What is an incomplete response?

We consider a response incomplete when:

  • A participant submits data that doesn’t validate, such as an invalid email address.
  • A participant skips a mandatory field and then doesn’t complete the survey.
  • A participant abandons a multi-page survey before they’ve completed it.

You might choose to include these incomplete responses if they contain useful partial data or delete them entirely if you like.

Let’s walk through how the feature works using a survey as an example.

To view incomplete responses, hover over the title of your survey in your dashboard and click on View Results. Then, click on the Participants tab, to see a list of your survey’s responses:


On the right-hand side of the individual responses, Polldaddy reports the number of complete and incomplete responses:


From the dropdown, you can choose to view All Responses, Complete Responses Only, Incomplete Responses Only, or Locked Responses.

allresponsesdropdown 2

We can pick out the incomplete response’s distinct styling:


On viewing that response, we can see that the respondent skipped the question:


On the right-hand side of the screen, you can check out some information about the response and the participant. You can choose to either delete the response or add the incomplete response to your reports:


Nifty, yes?

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