Don’t forget about Survey Language Packs

Drew Butler

Language PacksEven though I’ve been doing Polldaddy support for a while now I’m constantly amazed by the interesting and unique ways people are using the product. One of the most useful and underrated features is our language packs. When most people think of language packs they immediately think of translations and foreign languages. While language packs are very useful for running surveys in different languages you need to think of the term language packs in a more general sense, which is basically the words used to communicate something.

Language PacksThe default language is geared toward traditional surveys but as I mentioned earlier not all of you are using Polldaddy for traditional surveys. This is where language packs come in. Let’s say you are using Polldaddy to do registration for a conference you are organizing.

The default submit button simply says “Finish Survey”, but if you aren’t conducting a traditional survey this language seems out of place and can be confusing to your users. In a few seconds with a language pack you can change that button to say “Submit Registration” instead.

If you want to give language packs a try please check out the step by step directions found in our support documentation. As always if you run into any trouble please drop us a line and we would be glad to help you out.

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