Styles, Language Packs Easier to Find and Use

Krista Stevens

Earlier this year, we conducted a brief survey to gather feedback from our customers on what they’d like to see us improve within Polldaddy. The feedback we received was excellent and we’ve just spent an intensive week enhancing Polldaddy’s user interface to make styles and language packs much more prominent.

Edit styles and language packs as you create your poll

Previously, both styles and language packs had a tab in the main navigation — which some users had difficulty locating. We’ve moved both these important tools to the areas in which you create and edit polls so that now, all the tools you need to style and/or customize standard phrases and error messaging are right at your fingertips. Check out our nifty new design for polls:


Re-order, branch questions, edit styles, and language as you create your survey or quiz

With surveys and quizzes, we’ve enhanced the user interface even further, bringing survey styles, and language packs closer to the action in a set of handy tabs across the top of the survey creation area. Question re-ordering and question branching now live in the question editor.

New Layout

Our goal is to continuously make it easier for you to create surveys, polls, and quizzes more intuitively, so that you can focus on collecting the data you need to improve your organization.

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