A new way to filter survey data

We’ve been cooking up some great improvements for you, and the first is a new way to view your survey data.

The data you collect is important, and having tools to help analyse it is also important. You’ve always been able to dig deeper into your data using filters – conditions or rules that you create to reduce a large set of data into something more useful.

For example, you can filter your survey results to only show responses from a specific country, or from people who answered ‘yes’ to a particular question.

These filters are now easier to use – just click on any option in a multi-choice question, when viewing a survey report:

filter choice

This will automatically create a filter that shows only responses with that selection.

filtered choices on first option

You can further refine the filter by clicking other multi-choice options, or for advanced users, you can edit the filter and add custom restrictions.

People with large sets of data will find the system now shows the progress of the filter and allows you to continue working. You can return to the report once it has finished.

Note that you can export filtered data using any of our export methods, such as PDF or Excel, making it an ideal way of producing custom reports. Both filters and exporting are available in paid accounts only.

Please let us know if there are other ways you want to view your data. There’s more to come, and we’re always listening!

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