Easily promote your polls on Twitter

It’s now easier than ever to promote your poll on Twitter. If you’re a Pro, Corporate or Enterprise Polldaddy user you can send up to ten automated tweets to your followers at scheduled times of your choosing.

An easy to use interface allows you to login to Twitter using their oAuth interface. Your password is never shared with Polldaddy but we do need permission to post tweets to your account.

Sample tweets are provided and template tags are used to make it easy to add poll name, answers or URL to each tweet.

Example tweets are provided but you can edit the message as much as you like. Be mindful of the 140 character Twitter limit on message length. The [NAME] and [URL] template tags will be replaced with the name and the URL of the poll. They may bump the length of your message over 140 characters so a limit of 130 characters is imposed to help avoid that. A preview of the message is also available:

Scheduling a tweet is simple with the aid of a date and time picker.

It’s recommended that tweets be scheduled with hours or even days between them to avoid sending messages too quickly. A 10 minute gap between sending of tweets is imposed so if the process is paused by the user any queued messages will be sent with that gap between them.

Tweets can be edited after they have been scheduled, tweeting can be paused and tweets deleted before they are sent. If an error occurs sending the tweet to Twitter that error is recorded on the Promote page and that message will be skipped until the error has been fixed. The error is usually that the message is too long or the message is a duplicate of an existing Twitter message.

Happy Tweeting!

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