Polldaddy will soon start using WordPress.com logins

Polldaddy is one of the many fine internet-enhancing products made by Automattic, the creators of WordPress.com, VaultPress, Akismet, and more.

On December 3rd, 2012, we will be merging our account systems, so you’ll use your WordPress.com account to sign in to Polldaddy.

Not only will this be one fewer password to remember, but it will allow us to provide you with more great features in the future.

Many of you already have a WordPress.com account, so you can connect it to your Polldaddy account with two clicks. If you don’t have a WordPress.com account, you can create one by heading to the WordPress.com signup page (and don’t worry, you don’t have to create a blog to create an account – although we’d love it if you did). Once you’ve created your account, you can connect it to Polldaddy.com using the same steps described below.

Connecting Polldaddy and WordPress.com

From the Polldaddy login page, click on the Sign In With WordPress.com button:

If you are already logged in to WordPress.com you will be prompted to authorise the connection between your WordPress.com and Polldaddy account.

Alternatively, if you are not logged in to WordPress.com, you will be asked to login and authorise:

Once authorised you may be asked to enter your Polldaddy details if we cannot automatically determine which account you own:

Your accounts will now be connected. As long as you’re logged in to WordPress.com, you can log in to Polldaddy by simply pressing the Sign In With WordPress.com button.

When is this happening?

You can connect your accounts anytime, starting today

Beginning November 12th, you’ll get a gentle reminder to connect them when you sign in to Polldaddy. On December 3rd, you won’t be able to sign in to Polldaddy until you connect with WordPress.com.

If you need any help connecting your account, or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to write to us in support.

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