New Feature: Poll Restrictions – Take control of your Polls

We’ve added a bunch of poll restrictions to help you control who can vote on your poll.

IP whitelisting

This restriction allows you to specify an IP address, multiple IP addresses or a range of IP addresses from which votes must originate, otherwise the vote is rejected.

Email whitelisting

This restriction allows you to specify an email address, any email address or use a wildcard to specify a range of email addresses that a voter must have access to in order for their vote to be registered.

With this restriction in place and someone votes on a poll, they must now enter an email address in a text field. When the voter submits their email address, an email is sent to that email address with a confirmation link. The vote will only be registered when the voter clicks on this confirmation link.

If you have the poll set to block repeat voters, the voter can only enter the same email address once.

The email address will also show up in the vote analysis report next to the vote.

CAPTCHA Protection

With CAPTCHA protection enabled, a voter will be requested to enter a CAPTCHA before their vote is registered. This is a good option to help prevent poll hacking while leaving the poll open to the public to vote.

Password Protection

This restriction allows you to specify a password that a voter must enter before their vote is registered. Only voters with access to this password will have access to registering votes on your poll.

You can set your poll to use one or all of the poll restrictions at any time. With restrictions in place, your poll will behave slightly different.

If you are using a JavaScript poll embed on your site, the poll will allow the user to first submit their vote. This vote will not be registered until the user has passed whatever restriction or set of restrictions you have set.

If you are using the direct link to the poll (hosted on our site), then the poll behaves a little different again. The voter will not be able to vote until they have first passed the restriction rules, i.e. If you have CAPTCHA protection enabled, the voter will need to fill in the CAPTCHA before they can vote.

We hope you find this set of features useful and if you have any suggestions, feedback or bug reports please get back to us here.

This set of restrictions are only available for all our Pro and Corporate subscribers – Upgrade Now!

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