Speed survey creation with the plain editor

Survey workflow can be as unique as the person creating the survey. Sometimes you’re logged in to Polldaddy.com, clicking on new elements to add to your survey and typing in answer options as they come to mind. Sometimes you’ve noodled outside of Polldaddy.com, considering your survey and jotting questions and answer options into a text document or spreadsheet over a period of time. Did you know that you can use the Plain Editor feature to paste in multiple choice answer options, allowing you to create your survey more quickly? Enabling the Plain Editor is as simple as clicking on the toggle button. Here’s how it works.

You’ve created a survey, you’ve set up your survey options, and now you’re headlong into creating a series of multiple choice questions that you composed in a text editor.

Click on the multiple choice question type to add it to the bottom of your list of survey elements.

Click on the Plain Editor button. The individual answer options will change into a text box, into which you can copy and paste your answer options, instead of typing them in individually. Here we’ve copied all the potential newsletter content options and pasted them into the Plain Editor:

Click on the Visual Editor button or the Plain Editor button to toggle back and forth between the two views to add individual answer options or paste in more answer options in bulk:

When you’ve finished adding answer options, be sure to click on the Done button for your changes to take effect:

You can create learn more about Polldaddy, or sign up for a free account to create your own survey.

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