Using the page header element

The page header is a versatile element that helps break up your survey into sections. Clicking on the Page Header button or clicking and dragging it into your survey will create a heading for your survey page. You might think of a page header as a chapter or section marker. This element can also be used as a footer. In today’s post, we’re going to cover how to make the most of the page header element.

First, click on the big blue, Create a New button and select Survey:

Once you’ve named your survey, and selected some survey options, you’re ready to start adding elements to your survey. To add any element, you can click and drag it to the survey creation area, or click on the element once, and it will appear in the survey creation area. New elements are always added to the bottom of your set of questions, though you can reorder them as you see fit.

You can type in the name of your survey, or the name of your company or organization into the page header, or any other text as you see fit. You can choose to use the page header element as a footer, as well. For a footer, you might want to add your company’s slogan or the date, as examples. Page header elements are a great way to add your company’s logo into a survey.

Checking the include a note check box on the right side of the page header element allows you to add some additional text beneath the page heading type, in slightly smaller type. You can use the note to add your company slogan, or a sub-heading to your page header element.

Once you’ve got your text entered, click on the Done button to finalize your edits:

Here’s how a page header element looks at the top of a sample survey. The Surveymattic style is shown here:

You can create learn more about Polldaddy, or sign up for a free account to create your own survey.

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