Poll over? There’s two ways to post poll results

Krista Stevens

The most exciting thing about conducting a poll on your website is seeing the final results. Did you know that with Polldaddy.com, you have two different ways to show poll results to your participants? In today’s blog post, we’ll cover them both.

Let’s use this simple cookie poll as an example. Here’s what an active, open poll looks like when it’s embedded in your site. (Here’s how to create your own poll, for extra credit.)

If you choose to close the poll, site visitors will see only the poll’s results, in the poll’s container:

To close a poll, you can click on the green circle next to its title in your Polldaddy.com dashboard. The green circle (which denotes an open poll) will change into a red circle with a line through it, signifying that your poll is closed:

You can choose to show only the results in a slightly different format. To embed the poll’s results only, hover over the title of the poll in your dashboard and click on Share:

On the Share popup, choose Results. Copy the JavaScript code, and paste it into a new post on your website. Here’s how the results will look as seen in a new post on your site:

To get started creating polls on your site, create a free Polldaddy.com account.

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