Style Editor and Report Upgrades

Two new features have been added to the site recently. Survey reports and the custom style editor have received upgrades you’ll notice when you log in and use them.

The custom style editor now looks a whole lot nicer with the addition of the ACE editor.

Aside from the obvious syntax highlighting in the screenshot above it also has other ease of use features such as smart indentation, highlighting of matching parentheses and keyboard shortcuts.

New reports have been added to the surveys. Dig into the detailed reports for the text or multiple choice surveys questions and you’ll see them. There are three ways of looking at the detailed reports now.

  • All Answers
  • Popular Answers
  • Popular Words

“All Answers” is what you would expect. All the answers for this particular question, listed in the order they were received.

“Popular Answers” orders the answers by the frequency they appear in the result set. It matches complete answers including spaces.

“Popular Words” is a word cloud. It displays a cloud of words with the most frequently seen words larger than the rarer ones. Hover over a word to see how many times that words appears in the results.

The reports are available to all users, free and paid and I hope they make it easier to analyse your data. The editor should make it easier to edit your custom styles but if you have any queries don’t hesitate to leave a comment here or contact support through your dashboard.

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