Restrict survey access by email address and CAPTCHAs

We have added a couple more options to allow you control who has access to your surveys.

You can already restrict access by IP address whitelisting and/or specifying a password to protect your survey from unwanted access.

Now you can also use Email address whitelisting and Captcha entry protection.

With the email address whitelisting restriction, you can specify email addresses that will be permitted access to a survey.

The participant will be required to enter an email address to access the survey.

When the participant completes the survey, an email will be sent to this email address with a confirmation link. The participant will need to click on this link to confirm email address ownership and the survey response is only then registered.

One of the neat things about this feature is the control over what email addresses are whitelisted. You can choose any email address or an email address from an email group. You can also specify individual email addresses outside an email group, with a wildcard option to allow you to specify a domain name for email addresses.

With the Captcha entry protection, a participant will simply have to fill in a Captcha form in order to get access to the survey. This option is useful in preventing surveys and quizzes from automated response from scripts or bots.

To find out about more of these features, check out our support documentation on email address whitelisting and CAPTCHAs for surveys.

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