Polldaddy now reaching 210m people each month


At Polldaddy we use a popular service called Quantcast to help us monitor our web traffic and learn about where Polldaddy content gets used. We count each visitor to our website, and each time one of our polls, surveys, quizzes or ratings is used on a third party site.

Polldaddy content now reaches over 210 million people around the world each month. That is a lot of people!

We are also now serving over 2.2 billion widgets each month. All of our traffic numbers are publicly available here.

Thanks to you, our users, for helping us build the best tools available for getting feedback (and thanks to our developers and systems team for keeping our service running so fast). We will be working hard this year to make it easier for you to create the kind of content you want, and on new ways for you to collect responses and votes from your audience.

I am proud to be part of team Polldaddy with you :)

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