Daily SEO Blog: Polldaddy Surveys one of 21 Tools to Increase Blog Traffic

Traffic and engaged readers are the twin holy grails of many a website owner. The Daily SEO Blog lists surveys as one of 21 tools to attract readers and participation on your site, giving a shout out to Polldaddy as survey provider to check out:

Web surveys are easy to run and often produce high engagement and great topics for conversation. If there’s a subject or discussion that’s particularly contested, or where you suspect showing the distribution of beliefs, usage or opinions can be revealing, check out a tool like…Polldaddy…

Here’s a short guide that shows you how to create a survey. If you want to take that survey on the road to your audience at the mall, the school, the trade show, the doctor’s office—wherever the may be, you might be interested in our free iPad app. With it, you can sync up Polldaddy surveys and quizzes, to collect data in the field, even if you don’t have an internet connection.

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