New! IP Blacklisting Gives Poll Owners Ultimate Control

When you run a poll, the results matter. We’re proud to launch a new feature for Professional and Corporate account holders that will allow them to blacklist any IP address that they feel has been trying to take advantage of a poll with excessive voting. We’ve also made it much easier to delete votes from any given IP address. In today’s post, we’ll explain how to access these features.

Blacklisting an IP address

To access the IP blacklist feature, hover over the title of your poll and click on Reports:

On the Reports screen, click on IP Analysis:

On the IP Analysis report, you’ll see a list of the IP addresses and the number of votes placed from each address. Note that as a poll owner, you have the duty and responsibility to monitor the poll’s voting patterns. You may, as the poll owner, delete any poll votes you deem suspect at your discretion. To do this, hover over the IP address to reveal contextual buttons. To ban an IP address from participating in the poll and delete all the votes accumulated from the IP address, click on the Blacklist button:

When you choose to blacklist an IP address, ALL the votes accumulated from the IP address will be deleted. If you’re sure you want to ban the IP address and delete the votes, accept the confirmation:

Removing votes from an IP address

You can simply choose to delete all the votes that have come in from a given IP address. To do so, hover over your poll’s title in your dashboard and click on Reports, then click on IP Analysis. Hover over the IP address in question, to reveal the contextual buttons. Click on Remove:

To permanently delete all the votes from the IP address, accept the confirmation:

If, as the poll owner, you’d like a second opinion on your poll’s voting patterns, you’re always welcome to contact us in Polldaddy Support.

Running a short-term contest?

It’s important to note that the IP Analysis and IP Blacklisting features are available to paid account holders only. We have monthly accounts available on request that will allow you to access these advanced features, as well as the ability to export your data, and more. You can set up a monthly subscription, run your contest, monitor the voting, export the data, and then cancel the subscription to avoid being charged for future months. For more information, please contact Polldaddy Support.

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