Update! Polldaddy WordPress Plugin at 2.0.12


We have updated the WordPress plugin to version 2.0.12. The fact that the version number and the current year are the same is pretty neat but entirely coincidental!

It’s a minor update but it fixes some layout issues that arose with the move to WordPress 3.3. I have also cleaned up the poll, survey, and rating shortcodes to fix any possible XSS vulnerabilities that should satisfy the most prudent of installers. While there, I updated the survey shortcode to allow you to embed a resizable iframe into your posts. Finally I have added a bunch of new languages to the plugin.

Some of the languages are still a bit thin in terms of translations, but fear not, it is possible to help out.


You can download the latest version of the plugin here – http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/polldaddy/

7 thoughts on “Update! Polldaddy WordPress Plugin at 2.0.12

  1. But when i was create a poll for only single post then Poll also showing on Footer of Homepage automatically. What i need to do now if i want to remove Poll from Footer ?

    1. You need to do the following…

      Login to your Blog dashboard
      Go to Settings->Polls&Ratings
      Check the ‘Load Shortcodes Inline’ option and Save
      Reload your Blogs home page and the poll should no longer load in your footer

    1. Is the Polldaddy plugin in your Plugin folder? If you re-installed WordPress, perhaps your plugins directory was cleared out. Have you other plugins active before and after the re-install.

      If the Polldaddy plugin is not there, can you try installing it again? Note down any error you see and contact support if an error happens again. You will then just need to remove the Polldaddy folder from the plugins directory to restore your blog (if an error occurs) rather than re-install WordPress.

      1. Hi, FTPd in and although the polldaddy folder was still in place, all contents had been removed. I uploaded the latest version via FTP instead of through WP Dashboard to resolve. All back now as before. Thanks for the response though 🙂

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