Polldaddy iPad App Now Supports Min-Max for Number Questions

You may have already heard that we released a new version of our iPad app on Monday, January 9th. As part of the improvements, the iPad app now supports minimum and maximum inputs for number input questions, complete with error messaging should a participant exceed the range you’ve set. Here’s how to set up a number question type and sync your survey with the iPad app so that you can collect data in the field—even without an internet connection.

First, you’ll want to create a survey.

Click on the Number question type, to add it to the bottom of your survey, or click and drag the Number question type into the position you’d like to see it within your survey:

Next, set up your question. Here, we’re using the survey like a pizza delivery order form. The Polldaddy Pizzeria can only make and deliver up to 50 pizzas to one customer, so we need customers to tell us how many pizzas they’d like. The can give us a number between one and 50:

Once you’ve completed setting up the rest of your survey questions, you’re ready to pick up your iPad. In the Polldaddy iPad app, click on the Cloud icon to see/refresh the list of surveys in your account. Tap on the survey to sync the latest version of it to your iPad, then click on the blue Save Selections button:

Let’s test out this number question. The question note says we can order up to 50 pizzas. Let’s enter 65 to see what happens:

Whoops! Our min/max validation kicked in, prompting an error message:

Back to the pizza drawing board! Let’s try ordering 49:

Success! No error message. Can’t wait for those pizzas to arrive. I’m hungry!

In case you missed it, we’ve covered some of the new features of v. 1.5 of our iPad app with a post on offline image support for multiple choice answer options and a post on offline image support for HTML snippets.

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