Polldaddy’s iPad App Allows Offline Images in HTML Snippets

One of the great new improvements to the latest version of the Polldaddy iPad app is that it supports offline images for HTML snippet questions. That means, you can upload an image to your HTML snippet question type, sync your survey to the iPad app and then take that survey on the road—to the trade show, the shopping mall, the school, the doctor’s office—anywhere you need to gather data in the field, even without an internet connection. Here’s how to work with images and the HTML snippet question.

First you’ll want to create a survey. In your survey, add an HTML snippet question type, by clicking on the icon, or clicking and dragging the icon into the body of your survey:

Type in the HTML you’d like to see in your HTML snippet. With our example, we’ve added a heading, a couple of short paragraphs, a link, and now we’re ready to add the image. Click on the media button:

On the Media popup, click on Choose File:

Once you’ve navigated to your image and selected it, click on the blue Upload button:

While the image is uploading, you’ll see the Media popup gray out:

When your image is uploaded, you’ll see the code for it added to your HTML snippet question:

If you’re satisfied with your text and image, click on the blue Done button and go to your iPad:

Once you’ve opened the Polldaddy iPad app, click on the Cloud icon to see a list of your surveys. Tap the survey you wish to sync, and click on the blue, Save Selections button:

Check out our HTML snippet question in the survey, featuring the image we uploaded. Note that the iPad has no internet connection:

Watch for more posts this week, detailing improvements to the Polldaddy for iPad app.

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