New! Polldaddy iPad App v. 1.5

Krista Stevens

At Polldaddy, we’re kicking 2012 off with a bang! We’re proud to release version 1.5 of the Polldaddy iPad app, which features improved support for offline images in multiple choice questions and HTML snippet questions, improved display for lengthy answer options and more! Note that the app works with all iOS devices including the iPhone and iPod Touch.

To update your version of the app, click on the App Store icon on your iPad. Then, from the list of apps, choose Polldaddy:

Here’s a sample of how offline images work for multiple choice questions. Note that the iPad has no internet connection:

Lengthy answer options now wrap beautifully. Here’s a sample:

New features and improvements in v. 1.5

  • Offline support for images in answer options for multiple choice questions
  • Offline support for images in HTML snippet questions
  • Configurable fields for address question types
  • Min-max limitations for multiple choice questions
  • iOS 5 compatibility

Watch for more posts this week, detailing improvements to the Polldaddy for iPad app.

Collecting data in the field? Get started with the Polldaddy iPad app. Going to a trade show? Here’s how to run the Polldaddy iPad app in kiosk mode.

2 thoughts on “New! Polldaddy iPad App v. 1.5

  1. The iOS App doesn’t work and the comments on the App Store page about your app, reflect this same thing. There are quite a few people reporting the exact same issue.

    1. Hi Bamajr, the app does work: note that it’s designed as a free tool that allows you to sync surveys and quizzes to the iPad to collect data in the field. To create surveys and quizzes, you need to log in to your account. Additionally, v. 1.6 featuring auto-sync, was released in the app store on Feb. 1.

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