Polldaddy Customer Love: Baristanet’s Window Wonderland

Krista Stevens

Voting and ratings are a great way to encourage participant / community participation. We loved Baristanet’s use of Polldaddy star ratings to help increase participation in their Window Wonderland event, which took place on December 16th. Window Wonderland uses compelling photos to showcase the holiday window treatments of several local businesses in Montclair, New Jersey, and asked participants to rate the window treatment with a Polldaddy star rating.

The site features the location of each business using a WordPress plugin called Welocally Places, which integrates location information, phone number, website, driving directions, and Google Maps automatically with each of the voting cards.”

This is a true internet mashup, with off-the-shelf components that made it quick and easy for Baristanet to come up with a solution fast. Learn more in Welocally’s blog post.

Scrolling down through the page, visitors can check out the holiday window treatment of each of the participating businesses and rate each one from one to five stars:

Clicking on the Info link on each rating reveals the top-rated businesses. Clicking on each link takes visitors to a page that features a larger photo of the business and its address.

Site developer Jenn Schiffer said Polldaddy made it easy to implement ratings for each business on the site.

“Baristanet wanted to showcase our contest entries and allow our readers to rate them,” says Jenn “We had a limited amount of time to get the contest page going. Polldaddy ratings were incredibly simple and quick to set up, and the ratings report it generated made it easy to see the contest results as they came in.”

Check out the site in its full glory.

One thought on “Polldaddy Customer Love: Baristanet’s Window Wonderland

  1. Welocally loves Polldaddy! It was so much fun to help Jenn and Debbie at Baristanet put this project together. Mashing up Polldaddy and Welocally Places was the perfect rating solution for bringing the businesses and people of Montclair NJ together in an inventive way. Baristanet are clearly leaders in indie hyperlocal publishing.

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