Customize text and languages on your ratings

Regular users of Polldaddy know that with polls, surveys, and quizzes, they can create a language pack to customize the default English text or change the default English text to a different language. With ratings, you can customize the English text or write text in a different language right on the screen where you create your rating. In today’s post, we’ll cover how easy it is to customize the text on a Polldaddy rating.

First, in your dashboard, click on the big blue, Create a new… dropdown and select Rating:

On the ratings editing screen, you’ll see an option for text on the left-hand side of the screen. Click on Text to reveal all the stock phrases associated with a Polldaddy rating. Beneath each one, you can type in the text you wish to have, or type in the phrase in the language of your choice. To keep it simple, we’re going to change the Rate This call to action to Rate this photo! for our photo of the day post:

Since we’re done customizing, we can click on the blue Save Rating Widget button:

Clicking on the button will bring up the Share Popup. On the Share Popup, you can copy the WordPress shortcode to paste into the body of a post on your WordPress site:

Note, that if you have a self-hosted installation, you must be sure to install the Polldaddy plugin, to be able to use the WordPress shortcode.

And that’s all there is to it! Here’s our photo of the day with our customized call to action:

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