Polldaddy Customer Love: CBC Radio

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) is Canada’s national broadcaster. Heard from coast to coast, CBC radio is the voice that has united Canadians across the country for 75 years by sharing and promoting Canadian artists, authors, thinkers, and culture. In fact, CBC Radio 2 is the soundtrack to daily life in the offices of Polldaddy north, from Tom Power in the morning, through classical music with Julie Nesrallah, to Shift with Tom Allen, Rich’s Terfry’s Radio 2 Drive and on into Andrew Craig’s Canada Live each evening.

As part of CBC Radio’s ongoing bid to promote Canadian music, they’ve asked listeners to vote on the Top 50 Artists of 2011:

Participants can choose their favorite from among 25 Canadian artists and one favorite from among 25 international artists to cast their vote for the top artists of 2011.

The poll makes wonderful use of images to show a small picture of each artist to help increase voter recognition and custom styles to match the poll perfectly to the branding of the Top 50 Artists promotion. Here’s just a small sample of the artists you can choose from:

There’s still time to vote! Visit the Top 50 Artists of 2011 site to choose your favorite artists and cast your vote. Be sure to tell your friends and family! Voting closes at midnight on December 19th. Then, you can tune in to Radio 2 online to listen to The Top 50 countdown during a special edition of CBC Radio 2 Drive on December 30th, and from 5:30-9:00 a.m.

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