Copy your Polls to Speed your Workflow

Krista Stevens

Have you spent some time creating poll language packs and custom poll styles that you use for all the polls you create? Did you know that when you copy a poll, you also copy the language pack, custom styles, and all the options assigned to it? Copying polls can speed your workflow, if you use the same options regularly. In today’s blog post, we’ll show you how.

Let’s say you’ve created a poll. You’ve created and assigned a custom poll style, and you’ve customized the word Vote button to Share Feedback by creating a language pack.

When you copy a poll, you copy all the poll’s settings. That means, you don’t need to reassign the language pack, the custom style, repeat vote settings, or any other option on the poll. This can be very handy if you create polls that use the same custom style and settings. Simply copy the poll, modify the question and the answer options and embed it into your website.

To copy a poll, hover over the title of your poll in your dashboard. On the contextual Actions dropdown, select Copy:

Next, change the title of the poll, and modify the answer options as you see fit:

Scroll down the poll editing screen, and you’ll notice that the language pack is already set, from the poll that you copied:

Additionally, the language pack, as well as any options you had set in the first poll are already in place:

Finally, click on the create poll button:

Easy peasy lemon-sqeezy!

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