Replying to Poll Comments

Polls are a great way to create engagement with site visitors. Allowing comments on your poll can help you to connect with your audience. Replying to those comments keeps the conversation going, and allows you to ask further questions of your participants to gather more information that you can use to improve your business. Here’s how to reply to poll comments.

First you need to create a poll.

When you set up your poll, be sure to allow poll comments. This setting is found under Poll Options at the bottom of the poll editing screen. To see this option, hover over the title of your poll in your dashboard and click on Edit, then scroll to the bottom of the editing screen:

Comments for the poll appear on the poll’s page on our community site. You can get the link for your poll’s community page by hovering over the title of your poll in your dashboard and clicking on Share:

On the Share popup, click on Direct Link:

Copy the link and paste it into the address bar of your browser. On the community page, you can type your comment into the dialogue box and hit the Submit button to post your comment:

That was easy!

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