Conduct Surveys and Quizzes on Facebook with the Polldaddy Survey app

Does your business, brand, or community organization have a Facebook fan page? Now, with the Polldaddy Survey app, you can conduct quizzes and surveys directly on your Facebook fan page. What’s more? All survey and quiz results will be collected in your reports for easy filtering and data analysis. What a great way to reach out to and collect important data from your customers, patrons, and fans!

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to post your survey or quiz to your Facebook business, community, organization, or fan page using the Polldaddy Survey application made specifically for Facebook.

First you’ll want to create a survey, or create a quiz. The process is identical for surveys and quizzes. We’ll use a survey as an example.

Add the Polldaddy Survey app to your page

Once your survey is ready to go, hover over the title of your survey in your dashboard and click on Share:

On the Share pop-up, select Facebook, then click on the blue, Go to the Polldaddy Facebook App button:

Clicking on the button will take you to the Polldaddy Survey App on Facebook. To add the app to your page, click on the Add this app to your page button:

You’ll be asked the page to which you’d like to add the Polldaddy Surveys app. Be sure to select your page from the list, and then click on the blue Add Page Tab button:

When you return to your page, you’ll see Polldaddy Survey icon on your page. Now that the app has been added, you can create surveys and quizzes in Polldaddy and log in to Facebook to change the survey or quiz that displays on your page:

If you’re not logged in to, you will be asked to log in:

Once you’re logged in, refresh your Facebook page to connect it to your account. You’ll see a dialogue box as follows:

From the dropdown you can select the survey you wish to have appear on your page:

Choose survey, select options, save changes

We recommend that you use Facebook styles for your survey. You can also choose to collect information from those logged into Facebook. This information will appear in your reports. Once you’ve made your choices, click on the Save Changes button:

Now, return to your Facebook page. To see and complete your survey, page visitors can click on Polldaddy Survey icon on your page:

They’ll see your survey appear on your page:

Data you collect using the Polldaddy Survey app will appear in your reports in your dashboard. Facebook users are denoted in the individual report with the Facebook logo:

Sign up for a Polldaddy account

Check out Polldaddy features. You can sign up for a free account to get started. If you’d like to make our day, you can purchase a subscription. We have monthly packages available on request. For more information, write to us at support at polldaddy dot com.

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