Four Ways to Order Multiple Choice Answer Options

Did you know that Polldaddy offers you four different ways to order the answer options on your multiple choice questions? You can choose to have answer options in the order you enter them into the question, in alphabetical order, reverse alphabetical order, and shown at random. In today’s blog post we’ll see how easy it is to set this up.

First. you’ll want to create a survey.

Click and drag a multiple choice question into your survey:

On the lower portion of the question, you’ll see a dropdown list with a default setting of None:

Leaving None in place means that your answer options will be shown in the order that you entered them when you created the question. If you look closely, you’ll see that the answer option order in the survey below matches the answer option order in the question above:

Alphabetical order

To have answer options appear in alphabetical order, choose A-Z from the dropdown:

Notice now that the answer options appear in alphabetical order in the survey:

Reverse alphabetical order

To show possible answer options in reverse alphabetical order, select Z-A from the dropdown:

Now, our answer options will appear in reverse alphabetical order:

Random order

Lastly, you can choose to set answer options in random order, by selecting Random from the dropdown list:

Now, each time the survey loads, each participant will see the answer options in a random order. This can be particularly useful for scientific surveys:

Be sure to click Done Editing

When you change the default answer option order, be sure to click on the blue, Done Editing button, located in the bottom right-hand corner of the multiple choice question for your changes to take effect:

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