Polldaddy Plugin Supports RTL Polls, Inline Shortcodes

Krista Stevens

Previously released as part of the Polldaddy experience on WordPress.com and Polldaddy.com, we’re proud to support polls in right-to-left languages such as Arabic, Hebrew, Persian, Urdu, and Yiddish (just to name a few) with the latest update to the WordPress Polldaddy plugin.

Additionally, as part of the most recent plugin update, v. 2.0.10 supports inline short codes. Update your plugin today!

6 thoughts on “Polldaddy Plugin Supports RTL Polls, Inline Shortcodes

  1. What about rating? I am trying to place rating on my WordPress bilingual website in English and Persian. I know I can translate the words in Admin but then the words on Persian and English blog posts will be either in English or in Persian, so the Persian pages have the words in English and if I translate them into Persian then I have Persian words for rating in English pages.

    Is there any way to have the words localized like any other WordPress plugin using the “.po” and “.mo” files? that way your rating system can work on multi-lingual websites as well.

    1. Ratings can be shown only in one language. You’d need to create one rating in Persian and one rating in English, and then programmatically serve the correct rating to the page based on the language required. You’d need to manage this programming for yourself.

  2. Also, how we can change the font to a webfont? Languages that use scripts other than Latin script also use different fonts other than what is common in English and other latin-script-based languages.

  3. Guys, i have to congratulate you on this awesome service. I was looking the possibility of using Arabic in my surveys, and here it is…thanks a million.

    My question is: although the right to left layout is visible while designing a survey, the pop-up window i get when pressing “preview” flips back to left to right orientation. Can this be fixed?


    1. Hi Fahad,

      I’ll share this with the team–thanks for pointing this out. Right now, it’s best to preview r-to-l surveys by getting the direct link and reviewing it in a new browser tab. To get this link, hover over the title of your survey and click on Share. On the Share popup, click on Direct Link. Copy and direct link and paste this into a new tab or browser window.

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