Post Surveys and Quizzes to a Custom Subdomain

With our domain mapping feature, you can create you own custom subdomain for surveys and quizzes, which makes it appear as though the survey or quiz is hosted on your domain.

Here’s how your custom subdomain might look:

  • Your domain:
  • Polldaddy custom domain mapped to your domain:

Now, any survey or quiz that you embed will automatically appear on your custom subdomain:

Note, you don’t have to use feedback as your subdomain, you can use any subdomain you wish.

Check out the Domain Mapping support document for more information on how to set this up within your Polldaddy account.

This feature is available to corporate account holders and applies to surveys and quizzes. If you would like to take advantage of this feature, you can upgrade to a Corporate account from within your dashboard or you can sign up for a Corporate account here: We have monthly pricing for our paid accounts on request. For more information, write to us at support at polldaddy dot com.

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