Create Custom Start and Finish Messages for your Survey

Krista Stevens

Creating a survey is a great way to gather feedback from your audience to improve your business, your class, your school, or your organization. Creating custom start and finish messages is a great way to encourage participation to get that feedback. In today’s blog post, we’re going to walk through how to create custom messages your participants will see before they start and after they complete your survey.

To get started, login to your or dashboard and click on the big blue Create a new dropdown and select Survey:

After you give your survey a name, and select a style for it, you’ll see the Custom messages section. Check the checkbox next to Use a custom start message to reveal a textbox into which you can type your call to action, to invite participants to forge ahead and complete your survey. Additionally, you can write a special message to thank your participants for taking the time to complete your survey. You can also let them know when you plan to publish the results or get back to them, depending on your circumstances:

When you’ve finished the text, be sure to click on the Save and Add Questions button for your changes to take effect:

Here’s how a sample start message would look on your survey:

Here’s how a sample finish message might look:

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