Use a Slider Popup to Encourage Survey Participation

The most important aspect of creating a survey is encouraging audience participation. One great way to catch your audience’s attention is to embed your survey into your website using a slider popup.

First you need to create your survey.

Then, when you’re ready to share your survey on your website, hover over the title of your survey in your dashboard and click on Embed:

On the Embed Popup, select Website Popup and Slider Popup:

You can customize the text in the header, the body, and on the button of the slider popup. Note that the preview shows your changes immediately, so you can see how your slider popup will look on your website:

JavaScript and embed codes available

If you’re not running a site, you can use the JavaScript code we supply to embed the survey into your site. Simply copy and paste the code into your site:

We’re going to embed this slider popup into a site. Simply copy the shortcode:

Then, paste this shortcode into a new post on your site:

Hit the Publish button, and you’re all done! Here’s how your slider popup looks on the website:

That was easy!

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